1. I was graciously allowed a tour of the Radio Station today by the Secret Police! [Mainly because I was so insistent, and they wouldn’t let me go in without a chaperone.]

    Unfortunately I was not able to visit or meet our lovely radio host in Night Vale, Cecil Baldwin.

    But I am hopeful! One day I will meet him, both he and Carlos. They both seem like absolutely lovely people.

    Anyway, while I was at the radio station, the male’s restroom was being cleaned, and they left the door open. I couldn’t help but see something… Well, a cat was floating near the sink.

    I was told his name is Khoshekh.

    He was so cute! I am inspired to adopt one now. Or maybe 23.

    I hope you are all doing well! I was planning on going home for the holidays, but it seems I am welcome here. I’ve been invited by over three families! And given an order from the Secret Police to stay.

    I’ve been told Night Vale doesn’t exist during the holidays, so if I leave I won’t be able to come back.


  2. Can I just say how much I LOVE all of the different interpretations of Cecil?

    Like every color, fashion, height…

    I always promised myself that I wouldn’t really post what I imagined him like on this blog, only ‘semblances’ of him. I want people to keep their own headcanons from the podcast.

    Because that’s what I love about the Nightvale fandom. It’s so creative and filled with all kinds of different people!

    So I’m kinda breaking my own rule here, but take some baby Cecils.


  3. Nightvale is filled with all different people. Different heights, weights, colors, ages, shapes, species, and materials. The diversity here had me really impressed! And I’m from California.

    But there is one man that goes against all of that..

    The Indian Tracker.

    Never before in my life have I been so insulted!

    Who does he think he is? With his cultural appropriation.

    And oh, now that he’s ACTUALLY Native American he has the right to talk like he is, and still wear that damn headdress. That just so HAPPENS to be the same colors of the American flag.

    Coincidence? I think not.

    My experience in Nightvale has been great so far, but this…

    This asshole.

    He reminds me there are racist idiots even in the greatest of places.


  4. Well… The past few weeks have been an adventure. Sorry for the lack of posts… Exactly three weeks ago I was ushered out of town by the Sheriff’s Secret Police for [EDITED CONTENT]. It didn’t seem like a valid excuse to get kicked out of town! But I guess when you [EDITED CONTENT] in Nightvale, you’re not really welcome there…?

    Anyway, I went back to school for a little while, eager to show off the sketches that I had done in that interesting little town. So I return to class and reach into my handbag… Where was my sketchbook?! There was a note there though, one typed up very clearly.

    I think I can assume who WG is… I mean clearly it’s the WORLD GOVERNMENT. … Wow. They’re a lot less likely to censor, aren’t they?

    So… Here I am. I’m back in Night Vale. I’m here to sketch. School can wait for a while. I’m sure my professors will understand. Well, I hope they do…

    [[ REAL TALK: I know this is the first time I’ve posted out of character, and I’m sorry! But I just wanted to apologize for the lack of posts in the past few weeks. I’m in school for Illustration and working my way through school and the workload really picked up. I’m back into the swing of things though! I know I’ll have more time to post things now.

    Also, I just really wanted to thank everyone for all of their support!!! You have all been such a loving community. All I can say is that I really do feel Welcome to Night Vale. <3 ]]

  5. There was a surprising appearance of a jetliner in the gymnasium today! I believe that the boys were just as surprised as I was, as I was sketching them in my sketchbook. Basketball is such a good time to get in gesture drawings!

    Most of the basketball players did not seem too phased. I of course was absolutely awestruck. But then they calmly explained to me that this was normal. Normal. I know it now. I know what normal means…

    Or it was probably just caused by Desert Bluffs in an attempt to distract them from their practicing. The first mention of ‘that other town’ and they don’t seem so friendly about it…


  6. Today I decided to walk around the outskirts of town a little (which I found out is not the best idea, for a number of unmentionable reasons). I was surprised to find that despite the heat and the blaring sun, children still go out to play! Although none of them seemed very joyous to do it. In fact a number of them stood there and looked like they didn’t want to be there at all.

    And it didn’t seem the safest either…

    There were a number of helicopters in the air at any one time, and most of the children and families seemed to be packing up whenever they spotted a specific one.

    Someone suggested that a nice cold orange would be a good hydrating snack when I was out. And it was! If you ignore the way that it glowed furiously, with a light I think might be radiation? Though, most of the food in this town seems to have that anyway.

  7. The most exquisite man walked into town today. While I have only been here a few days myself, I am absolutely certain that he is the finest of our species I will observe here. He has the most charming way about him, and his hair…

    HIS HAIR. It is absolutely PERFECT.

    And I do not normally speak lightly of such things. Never before did I think that something so… Wondrous could exist.

    In other news, it seems he is a scientist. But science is not needed to see that beautiful mane on his perfectly shaped head.

  8. Today I was out walking when I spotted Old Woman Josie. She was out by the car lot. I saw her speaking to a figure. A large winged figure. And when I approached her afterwards, she clarified that they were indeed Angels and not one of several other things I assumed them to be.

    She tried to sell me a lightbulb, which I graciously declined. Who needs lightbulbs when you have mushrooms growing in your hotel room that emanate the most delightful blue light.

    This town is turning out to be strange. Quite strange.

  9. Hello all!

    I am an art student traveling the country trying to fill up my sketch journal with interesting material. Recently I have stopped in the little town of Nightvale and can’t seem to find my way out… Not that I want to. Something makes me feel I should say. That something is very peculiar, with large teeth, and is intent on reciting “STAAAAAAAYYYY” in my ear as I head to bed each night. It is a voice I think I should listen to.

    Anyway! I will be posting my muses and any strange recordings I see/hear of (unless I’m stopped by the Sheriff’s Secret Police) in this fine little city. It’s not so bad here… It’s not so bad at all.